Do You Like Pina Coladas And Getting Caught In The Rain

Dated: 03/07/2018

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    While we love relaxing in our fresh crisp Hawaii air and viewing rainbows in the sky from the rain that make our island beautiful and green, it is worth taking a look at the average rainfall in areas you wish to live.Rain fall fluctuates even in the same neighborhoods. When traveling through Waimea you may notice there is a distinct wet side and dry side.  Another example is an area on the East side of the island known as the "banana belt".  It appears on the map in a light green shade in the form of a banana with a nose in the location of the point in Hawaiian Paradise Park. This area gets a little less rain and seems to end around 19th Avenue. 

     If you love to fall asleep to the sound of the rain then the Hilo side, known as the wet side might be the perfect place for you.   If you prefer a less humid environment then sticking to the Kona side, known as the dry side might be best.  It is true that in the dryer areas you will most likely be on county water and paying for any water you use for your household as well as watering plants in your yard where on the wet side most homes rely on rain catchment for all of their water use and benefit from having no water bills.  Whether looking for homes on the dry side or wet side, it is important to look for a home with good air flow that cools the home as well as circulates the air to make living in your island home even more enjoyable.  Whether the weather is rain or shine, everyday island living is a beautiful way to enjoy life!

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