Solution For Buyers If They Cannot Qualify For A Home Loan

Dated: 05/14/2018

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I just came back from a great training these last two days at our Big Island CI Summit for 101 Financial.  I have been an instructor with 101 Financial since 2008, took a break fro 2010 - 2015 and decided to come back as an instructor so that I could help more families achieve financial peace of mind through financial education.  

101 Financial is a financial education company for adults between the ages of 18 to 80 year of age.  101 financial has been helping families since 2002 with over 15 years of doing business in Hawaii.  101 Financial is a Hawaii based business, we help families and individuals across the US and Canada.  101 Financial has over 700 instructors who help people to eliminate their financial worries, pressure and stress, and being able to live their lives through financial peace of mind.   101 Financial teaches what so much people are lacking to manage their monies correctly which is financial education.  

101 Financial focuses on four key areas of your personal finance which include the following:

1.  Better Budgetting

2.  Smart Banking

3.  Debt Management

4.  Credit Building 

The 101 financial instructors help individuals and families build a solid financial foundation so they understand more of the financial concepts that many people don't learn in high school or college.  

101 Financial was founded by CEO Alan Akina.  Alan decided to learn and research the basics of finances so that he could teach it to others.  Being born and raised in Kahuku, Hawaii he knew that he wanted to help more local families.  This is when he started 101 Financial in 2002 with the goal to help not only local families in Hawaii but has recently expanded to the mainland to help all who wanted to learn.  Today thousands of families across the nation have turned to 101 Financial for help.  

There is no better time than now to get financially educated.  Being born and raised in Hawaii, it does cost a lot to live in paradise.  The cost of living is high for some families which is why we have so much low income families or families that are moving to the mainland just so they can make a living.  I believe 101 Financial can help and teach families how they can still live here by just simply through financial literacy and education.  

As a real estate agent, I enjoy helping families who are looking to buy especially if this is their first home and knowing how much these families look forward to this their whole lives.  But what good does it do if they cannot qualify for a loan to purchase that home?  What do we tell our clients?  Most of our clients get denied a loan because of a low credit score, their DTI was too high, they can't afford the down payment, and they can't afford the monthly payment on the home they really want.  101 Financial is the solution and I hope that more real estate agents see the benefit of how this will help not only our business but will help us help more families to get into the homes they have always wanted or that investment property they been wanting to get.  

If you are interested in knowing more about 101 Financial, I encourage you to go to a workshop by clicking on the link to go to the calendar of events.  If you cannot make an event you can watch Alan Akina's video at

Check out 101 Financial on Facebook

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